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  • Why should I take lessons at KCMS?
    KCMS values the power of fun, and the power of grit. Students are approached at their level, and challenged to grow and develop their musicianship through a combination of discipline and adventure. Learning an instrument is a lifelong pursuit, and all our teachers understand the ups and downs of the journey, as well as how to break through plateaus to achieve your personal goal. Whether it be completing an ARCT diploma, or teaching a four year old where to put their fingers on a keyboard, we are here to guide the way! KCMS also provides a variety of performance opportunities to students, including our pre-concert series with the OSO and Chamber Music Kelowna, regular monthly recitals, christmas ensembles, and bi-annual studio concerts. Students are invited to compose music for the Canada Music Week composing contest, and compete for scholarships at our scholarship auditions. We also provide a variety of masterclass opportunties at a discounted rate for all KCMS students. KCMS values not just the power of performance, but the value of showing up and working hard. Students are rewarded yearly with nominations to the Honour Roll, which is earned through demonstrated effort in practice, community service, and recital/concert attendance. We aim to build the community music leaders of tomorrow. Give us a call at 250-860-1737 or email to get started!
  • How do I register for lessons?
    The best way to start the registration process is to call 250-860-1737, or email Our administrator will then guide you through the simple registration process, and get you on your way to making music!
  • When do I register for lessons?
    Private lesson enrollment runs year-round. Our faculty generally set their upcoming Fall schedules in May and June, so inquiring about lessons a few months in advance of that is ideal. All group programs have specific start and ends dates; visit the Programs page for more info!
  • Can I pick my teacher?
    Absolutely! All of our teachers have separate waitlists; if there is a teacher you would like in particular, please mention them when calling to inquire about lessons. Your length of time of the waitlist will vary, as our teachers set their own teaching volume and schedules. If you prefer to get started immediately, you will be sent to the first teacher with availability.
  • How much does music lessons cost?
    All our faculty set their own rates and fees, ranging from $25-$35 per 30 minute lesson. This is largely based on experience and education. Please call 250-860-1737 directly if you wish to inquire about a specific teacher.
  • Are private music lessons a good fit for my neurodiverse child?
    Of course! Many of our faculty have experience teaching children with ADHD, Autism, and learning disabilities. We are here to support anyone who wants to play music from their heart! Please contact us directly at with any inquiries.
  • What should I expect at my lesson?
    Our faculty will help you work through any difficulties you experienced with your practicing during the week. Students of all levels receive technique advice, as well as theory, ear training, and related assignments. Each lesson is tailored to the individual, so no student follows the same path.
  • Do I have to practice?
    The short answer: Yes! The long answer: Practice is the best motivator for continued growth and development in your instrument of choice. Students who don't practice daily will find their progress discouraging. Inevitably, this inconsistent practice leads to dropping out of lessons. Regular daily practice of at least 30 minutes is the only way to achieve skill and dexterity in any instrument. So - Yes!
  • Do I have to buy my own instrument?
    Generally, yes. Some of our string teachers have instruments for rent, but not always! Piano students are required to buy a piano or digital piano. If digital, preferably one that has weighted keys and is touch sensitive. Older pianos are easy to find on Castanet and kijiji for very reasonable prices!
  • Can I use a keyboard/digital piano?
    Our teachers vary on what they require of their students, but generally the bare minimum is a digital piano with weighted keys and touch sensitivity. This will usually work for students for a year or two before they need to graduate to an acoustic piano.
  • Can I withdraw from lessons?
    Of course! We fully understand that sometimes the instrument or teacher just isn't the right fit. We have a 4-lesson withdrawal fee, in which you can choose to attend those lessons (or not). To protect our teachers, we do not offer withdrawals after March 15th for the semester ending June 30th. We suggest you speak with your teacher directly before committing to a withdrawal, as sometimes the reasons for withdrawal can be easily remedied with good communication!
  • Do you offer make up lessons for missed classes?
    Teachers who are absent will always either credit the missed lesson or make it up at their discretion. Our teachers are not required to make up lessons missed by students for any reason. Students have reserved their instructor's time for each lesson. It is difficult for teachers to fill that spot should you choose to be absent. We recommend making music lessons a priority!
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