Rock Singer Silhouette

October 16, 2022

Rock and Prog Rock Time Signatures
4:00-5:00 pm

KCMS Students/Audience: $10

Community Students/Audience: $20


Paul Dykstra

Flute and notes

November 13, 2022

How to Practice the Flute
Time TBA

Join flautist Christine Moore as she guides you through effective practice strategies and techniques that will be sure to elevate your playing!

KCMS Students/Audience: $10

Community Students/Audience: $20


Christine Moore

Professional Pianist

January 29, 2023

Using the Body to Play Expressively - Piano lvl 4-7 RCM Romantic Repertoire

Join Jessica Crawford as she works through your romantic repertoire and gives instruction on how to connect with your audience and play more expressively using the body. Students are asked to bring at least one prepared romantic era piece to work on. 


KCMS Students/Audience: $10

Community Students/Audience: $20


Jessica Crawford

Watercolor Paint

February 2023

How Understanding the Elements of Music Leads to Artistry
Time/Date TBA



Joe Berarducci

Piano Keys

March 2023

List A Repertoire Intensive
Lvl 4-8 Piano
Time/Date TBA


Elizabeth Wocks

Sheet Music

April 2023

Mastering the International Phoenetic Alphabet (IPA)
Time/Date TBA

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Stephanie Tritchew