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KCMS aspires to nurture a community of creative lifelong learners through exceptional music education. 
We envision our students developing life skills of resilience, collaboration, and habits of excellence
in addition to reaching their personal musical goals.

Our History


KCMS was founded in 1976 by a grassroots movement of parents wanting Suzuki violin lessons for their children. Faced with travelling to Vernon for a qualified teacher, they set about to bring one to Kelowna. That teacher was Denis Letourneau, a founding faculty member of the school.

Various schools and churches housed the school until it moved to Dehart Avenue in 1991. In December 2021, the hunt began for a new home.

KCMS celebrates over 45 years of excellence in teaching and now has an enrolment of approximately 600 students, from young children to adults, who are taught by 24 highly qualified faculty.

About Us


Our goal is to provide high quality music instruction, thereby helping to foster the growth of our music community. 

The culture of KCMS is characterized by the diversity, creativity, and commitment

of its student body, by the high

professional standards, imagination,

and dedication of its faculty and administrative staff, and by the joyfulness

of musical expression in all genres by

both students and faculty throughout the greater community.

KCMS is a member of the BC Association of Community Music Schools, and is a registered non-profit charitable society.

Our Board


Our Board is comprised of a variety of professionals volunteering their time to the music community. We are welcoming applications.


Experience in fundraising, marketing, and/or media relations would be an asset, and an appreciation for music education and a willingness to strengthen ties within our community are also highly valuable.


Lucy Benwell.png
Lucy Benwell
Executive Director
Jessica Crawford
Artistic Director
Robert Payne

Message from the President: KCMS Board of Directors 


Welcome to the Kelowna Community Music School! We are a charitable, not-for-profit organization that seeks to provide affordable, top-quality instruction to residents in the Kelowna area. Our faculty members bring enthusiasm, passion, and a staggering number of combined years’ experience to their studios and rehearsals, making your and/or your children’s musical journeys rewarding, fulfilling and joyful. They are amongst the finest musicians and music educators to be found.


Musical development and growth are challenging regardless of the level one is pursuing. Our talented faculty develop relationships with every student in their private lessons to learn their motivational inspiration and to create opportunities for success in this vital part of reaching their true full potential. KCMS group programs provide an opportunity for students to learn together, support one another, and share a slice of life - through music, while pursuing personal growth. 


We are exceptionally proud of our Kelowna Community Music School. The Board of Directors, in combination with our fabulous Administrative Team, are consistently looking for ways to improve our students’ personal experiences and love of music making. 


Most importantly, we wish to applaud you for pursuing your and your children’s musical journey.

Musical advancement helps develop determination, discipline, and dedication – traits that will help anyone through difficult times that will arise in their lives. Though the personal satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure and pride of artistic achievement are the observable outcomes of the musician’s journey, there are a multitude of benefits beneath the surface that will prove valuable throughout the walk of life. Most importantly, music feeds the soul and fuels the heart!

~ Robert Payne

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